Featured Accessories

Flange Xtenders™

UltraSeal™ Hydrocolloid Barrier

  • Flexible enough to adjust to virtually any size or shape stoma
  • Bend, Stretch, Twist, or Pull
  • Adheres well to both the body and the pouch to create an ultra secure seal
  • Prevents leakage and extends pouch wear time
  • Removes easily, minimizing skin irritation

MaxSeal™ Protective Barrier Ring

  • Helps create a good seal in cases where they are peristomal irregularities and/or skin folds
  • Extremely elastic, moldable and flexible
  • Helps prevent leakages and skin irritation
  • Easy to remove from the skin
  • Can also be used around a fistula for added skin protection and in the case of attaching a catheter, probes or tubes

Marlen Elastic Belt

  • Elastic, adjustable and soft. Maximum length 130 cm

Marlen Liquid “Odour-Guard™”

  • Used to neutralize odors in the pouch
  • Bacteriostatic
  • Just a few drops are all that is needed


  • Dissolves mucous build-up in urinary pouches
  • Prevents blockages in the valve
  • Just a few drops are sufficient

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