Marlen's "E-Z Guide™"
    Locating System...
    the easiest method yet for locating the
    pouch onto the flange.
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All pouches are
available with
either the
Opaque with
or transparent

UltraMax Gemini Offers A
Choice of Four Body Flanges

Flat Cut-to-Fit

Flat Pre-Cut

Shallow Convexity Cut-to-Fit

Shallow Convexity

Hydrocolloid Barrier

   • Covers entire flange for maximum
      skin protection
   • Absorbs skin moisture
   • Adheres to moist skin
   • Controlled adhesion
     (seals securely and removes easily      from sensitive skin)
UltraMax™ Gemini™

A two-Piece Drainable Pouch With "E-Z Guide™"
Locating System for Colostomies, Ileostomies
and Urostomies.

    • Flexibility of a two-piece system
    • Ease of a disposable system
    • Odor-proof pouch material
    • Quiet, built-in comfort cover facing the body
    • Leak-proof for added protection and security
Download the UltraMax™ Gemini™ Parts List

  Three pouch options to choose from:  
  UltraMax™ Gemini™ Closed End UltraMax™ Gemini™  Drainable UltraMax™ Gemini™  Urostomy
  UltraMax™ Gemini™
Closed End

• For Colostomies
• “Flo-Thru™” Charcoal
Filter system continuously
filters odors from both
sides of the filter thanks
to its patented central
suspension design
UltraMax™ Gemini™

• For Ileostomies and
• Features Marlen
Kwick-Klose™ Fastener
• Extra-large drainage
spout for easy emptying
• Available with or without
UltraMax™ Gemini™

• For Urostomies
• “Free-Flow” stem allows
unobstructed flow of urine flow
into leg or night bags, even
if pouch twists
• “Push-Pull” E-Z Drain Valve is
permanently sealed to the pouch –
no wet fingers when emptying pouch
• Non-return reflux valve