Picking the Right Barrier Ring Just Got Easier!

MARLEN Offers a Choice!
Large MaxSeal™ – 3.3/4” (95mm) outside diameter
Regular MaxSeal™ – 2” (50mm) outside diameter

Protective Barrier Ring

Easily moldable and offering maximum comfort,
MaxSeal™ Protective Barrier Ring provides performance features
similar to the leading barrier ring on the market at a value price.
The ideal solution for improving the seal around the stoma.
Resists fluids. Adheres well while also minimizing skin irritation.
Large UltraSeal™ – 3.3/4” (95mm) outside diameter
Regular UltraSeal™ – 2” (50mm) outside diameter

Hydrocolloid Barrier

Bend, Stretch, Twist, Pull. Flexible UltraSeal™ adjusts to accomodate most stomas,
regardless of size and shape. Alcohol-free UltraSeal™ molds easily to fill in crevices
and irregularities. The ring adheres well to both the body and the ostomy appliance,
creating an ultra secure seal that prevents leakage and extends pouch wear time.
UltraSeal™ removes easily, eliminating skin irritation.

Download the MaxSeal™/UltraSeal™ Parts List
Hydrocolloid Barrier

• Absorbs skin moisture
• Adheres to moist skin
• Seals securely; removes easily from
  sensitive skin (controlled adhesion)
Skin Shield™
Adhesive Skin Barrier

• Stays soft
• Elastic and conformable
• Will not absorb drainages
• Offers long-lasting protection